We involve people around the idea of equal opportunities.

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Dear Reader,
I greet you in “EKHO” NGO’s official website. Visiting our official page you’ll get to know our activities, performed and urgent projects. As you see, we’ve tried to render the website with new design and more abundant information, so that everything will be clear and understandable to our visitors. Photos and videos placed in website give you an opportunity to get acquainted with our organization activity. You can leave your desires, wished and comments in forum.

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The active and purposeful “Today” arranges the future. future, for achieving to which each of us even with the presence of a little wish can support the health and social inclusion and rehabilitation of children with disabilities of the Republic of Armenia.


Here are our banking details

Recipient’s name: “EKHO” NGO
The recipient’s bank account. 205004201674 (AMD)
The recipient’s bank. “Inecobank”

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Contact Us

You can contact us by the help of the following means of communication.

Address: Armenia, 0015, Yerevan, 2 Mashtots Ave.
 Phone : +374 (010) 50-95-95
                +374 (060) 48-94-54
 Fax :      +374 (060) 48-94-54
 Email: info@ekho.am
 Website: http://www.ekho.am

Dear Reader,
Your opinion is very important to us, and you can be sure that your any question, proposal and remark will get an indispensable response.